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Bulgarian minerals and 25 new tumblestone types and 37 more boxes with beautiful shells at great prices and lava-statues 70% discount




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SALE 2019! Head massager for a sensual massage. NOW 50% DISCOUNT

SALE 2019! Head massager for a sensual massage. NOW 50% DISCOUNT


SALE 2019! Head massager for a sensual massage. NOW 50% DISCOUNT


"It's so much fun!" is a common reaction to this product. Especially now that it's once performed with various colored handles. This headmassager makes always happy and cheerful. Originating from the Aboriginals and probably the first massager.


More information

This is not a medical device but it helps to relax the muscles and connective tissue. The feeling that gives this massager feel the whole body and gives a relaxed and satisfied feeling. This beautiful array of massage devices is made to make your life comfortable and enjoyable. All massage devices operate for long periods on the batteries. It really is an essential device for people who suffer from muscle or RSI or have problems with their skin or connective tissue. Perfect for local pain. Fine to the sport after the muscles, skin and connective tissue to relax and perfect to let more blood on a cold day circuleren.De Aboriginal hoofdmassager looks like a simple instrument but is by far the best stimulator today is for sale by Use of a brass handle and connect the ends electrostatic hoofdmassager easily with the magnetic / electric field in the human body. Originally the hoofdmassager was used by the Aborigines in Australia and made of bamboo, used for relaxation and stimulating sexual feelings in times long past. Today the hoofdmassager has become a well-known therapeutic instrument and it stands for total relaxation and a wonderful feeling .. the head massager is looking for the pressure points on your head without the need to know anything about acupuncture. This special edition is particularly suitable to improve the blood flow in the skull .. What do you like the hoofdmassager: Create long hair and place the hoofdmassager on the back of the head while you massage your arms slowly downward lowers so that they complete skull reach. Then move the hoofdmassager back and forth over the skull while you occasionally the corner of the massage arms late to change anything until the person giving the massage goes achieved a complete sense of relaxation, The hoofdmassager is to improve blood circulation in skin and skull, The solution for stress and muscle cramps, good for sore muscles, stimulation of hair growth, to relax the brains total.

Traditionally, there are various bamboo products made by the aborigines, musical instruments, guns, fishing rods but also head massagers. Fair to say that it does not appear much in terms of climate but there are already bamboo aboriginal objects known, especially from the south of Australia in 1800. Note: This package contains ancient symbols of Aboriginal people to like the totem pole. The Aborigines the Indians were for many years with the totem pole in its current form.


Fun with the headmassager..Even for the dog.