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Dear relation: The holiday is almost over But in many countries they have continued to work on the new Timmersgems ATUMNN COLLECTION. From August 19 to September 1 our showrooms are packed with new products including 1. Containers from Madagascar with lots of news. 2. from Cebu with shells and lotus lights. 3. from India with HEM Incense. 4. from Brazil with 22 tons of Geodes. 5. from Mexico with black and Andara obsidian. 6. from India with a lot of Silver and 7. from Indonesia with a lot of carvings.

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Arrowhead lucky pendant in Lemurian ice crystal (rock crystal variety) from Prestige


Arrowhead lucky pendant in Lemurian ice crystal (rock crystal variety) from Prestige


Arrowhead lucky pendant in Lemurian ice crystal (rock crystal variety) from Prestige


Arrowheads and / or jewelry made therefrom have been popular for centuries. They stand for happiness and long life, and both Americans from South and North America carry them daily as amulet.

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Thin Lemurian crystals are also called Laser Crystals. Suitable for deflections but also to use as a "water heater" for more energy. The energy is strongly associated with the planet Venus and the ancient Lemuria. These crystals were used as healing tools in the healing temples of Lemuria. This energy is very powerful and helps to purify and make stronger your heart chakra, improve your awareness and help you to increase inner light. They give a sense of peace and inner silence and are therefore very helpful in meditation. They relieve stress and open the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. These crystals help "clear-know" awakening. They are also called Lemurian Light crystals because they are very powerful work where you want, because the energy flows and merges with it with love. This light also increases the capacity of the brains and consciousness which gives a feeling of joy. They also alleviate physical symptoms. By connecting you with their knowledge, which is connected to the healing temples of Lemuria, you will be taught in their advanced healing art .. These crystals emit very high light frequencies. These are real ascensiekristallen.

Lemurian crystals are perfect tools for light workers. They include unconditional love for the earth when we enter a deep vibrating low. They remind light workers aware that they not only have to work on their own development, but also should allow others. They have access to indoor and multidimensional states, teach us that we are multidimensional beings and give an objective vision of past lives. They break through the illusions of separation in the physical incarnation and suggest that healing the memory of our spiritual self and that time is an illusion of the physical incarnation. They show how we beyond its limits in Everything Is penetrate. Lemurian crystals are ideal to form a grid of touch with angels. They open a stargate and anchor ancient wisdom in the present. They wake us for spiritual training and. healing powers more and recognize ancient knowledge. Before inconvenience or destructive emotional patterns emerge, they create in past-life therapy rediscovering inner perfection possible. Lemurian rods are excellent for balancing and cleansing the chakras. They remove waste and karmically zielsimperatieven. They activate higher resonances of each chakra, to integrate with the light body and make deep communication between physical existence and refined levels. Lemurian stone teach that thoughts are creative and show their full potential if used with the right intention and belief in ourselves. If you have an important dream would enter again or want to understand and consciously want to dream of a new reality to dreams, you sleep with some stone under your pillow. In a medicine wheel or as a grid, especially activated with elestial quartz, these crystals to open a space for multidimensional healing and a powerful energy gate for past, present and future, who has access to every part of the soul evolution. Use these stones with smoky elestials to anchor high vibrational energy and activate a cosmic anchor for the light body.