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Newly arrived; aroma diffusers collection 2021, fountains, silver jewelry with Larimar, Serafinite, Charoite and much more. Order via the website or call for an appointment. Timmersgems will soon have a new improved website! You must re-enter your details once. For privacy reasons, we are not allowed to take over your current data. Of course our address remains:



…through 46 countries with Timmersgems !

In Berghem is Timmersgems located. At nearly 10,000 square meters you will find the largest collection of minerals and precious stones in the world. In addition, you will be surprised there with an impressive amount of Asian sculptures, each one unique artwork. So you will come face to face with the largest wooden elephant from Europe, you come into contact with the largest Amethyst pair in The Netherlands and a huge wooden statue of Buddha will make an unforgettable impression on you.

"The best kept secret of the Netherlands"
Entrepreneur Dirk Hill Jeweller Van de Heuvel

“Ein Top-Ereignis der Branche”
German press release

The program…

After entering you are greeted with a delicious cup of coffee, tea or soda if desired, together with a Brabant delicacy. Afterwards you start your exploration, starting with Mexico. Through the Andes we go to Peru. From there we continue our trek to the Navajo / Hopi Indians in the United States. We extensively discuss the largest collection of Turquoise. With the 'Land Rover' we go to the desert in which we will pay full attention to for example Cactus rain sticks from the Atacana Desert of Chile and pay attention to the Rose of Jericho. The journey continues from India to Brazil. There we get an explanation about rockcrystal 'magic skulls', play on instruments like the djembe and there is a real T-Rex dinosaur ready to devour us.

If we manage to escape, we escape via China to the Zimbabwean "Shona-art stone carvings and the" Kishi-art stone carvings from Kenya. Meanwhile we visit Vietnam, Thailand and the biggest 'Prayer House' ever exported from Burma. Then we catch our breath in the furniture of Tibet, from where we can all watch the unique stone division of Madagascar and the largest Amethystgeode exhibition in Europe. Before another for coffee, tea or soda we will let you be surprised by the beautiful life-sized trunks of petrified wood from Indonesia.


After the coffee you can take a tour at your own pace along a whopping twelve hundred forty three closets and cabinets filled with gemstone carvings and necklaces. From here it is possible to look more at health stones, hot and cold-stone therapy, Chakra Stones and many other areas that affect our wellness. You can also use the theme reading "The Power of Pearls and Corals' attendance through the showcases will be extensively discussed the various freshwater, cultive-, keshi-, Tahiti, Pacific, and Biwa pearls. Particularly instructive and contagious! A world to take, because in the store you can make purchases. 

TimmersGems a world of difference

  • minerals & rocks
  • jewelry & pearls
  • health & beauty
  • decoration & art


Your journey will take up to around 4 to 5 hours. The cost per person is Euro 6.50. That includes coffee and tea with a delicacy of Brabant. The minimum number of participants is 20 people.


News from TimmersGems…

The Buddha temple is now for rent !

A Buddha Temple, about a hundred square meters of space is at your disposal in Berghem. Completely furnished with Buddhist gods and Hindu Gods from Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and India. The temple was built under the direction of "Feng Shui' scholars, at a so called power place. Guaranteed success for your meeting and / or meditation. You can rent the Buddha temple per day (100 euros) or by morning/afternoon/evening (75 euros). There is room for 10 to 15 people.

Rent a Gold Rush bar with indoor garden…

For your meeting, the special Gold Rush bar of about 225 square meters of space and a corresponding indoor garden (about 200 square meters) is available. A more inspiring environment is almost unthinkable. The old saloon in the Wild West, accessories from this 'Golden Age' and furnishings where poker players and cowboys just came in ... With more than 20 to 25 people can be found here excellent accomodation. You can rent the Gold Rush bar per day (150 euros) or by daypart (100 euros).

Upon request we provide you during your visit sandwiches and / or complete lunches. We can offer you also accommodation.

 “Europes largest gemstone paradise”
Article in Swiss magazine 

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