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Geslepen edelsteen "vlammen" in fantastische steen soorten. (2-3soorten)

Stemvorkenset 8 delig geschikt voor healing. !

Degelijk en goed stemvorken set, reeds door vele musici in Nederland en daarbuiten in gebruik. En de prijs is superlaag! Vergelijk maar ......
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Een stemvork of diapason is een tweetandige, metalen vork die bij trilling een toon voortbrengt met nauwkeurig bekende stemtoonhoogte. Een stemvork wordt zo geconstrueerd dat de voortgebrachte toon nauwelijks afhangt van de temperatuur en de luchtvochtigheidsgraad. Een goede stemvork produceert nauwelijks boventonen, en het geluid benadert een reine sinustrilling. Sommige stemvorken bezitten een verschuifbare metalen klem zodat andere tonen dan de standaard frequentie (die doorgaans 440 of 880 Hz is) kunnen worden weergegeven. De uitvinding van de stemvork wordt toegedicht aan John Shore in 1711. Een stemvork wordt gebruikt om een muziekinstrument te stemmen. De met de stemtoonhoogte overeenkomende toon van het muziekinstrument wordt zo ingesteld - gestemd - dat deze met de toon van de stemvork overeenkomt. Zangers gebruiken soms een stemvork om de juiste toon te treffen. De meeste stemvorken zijn gestemd op de kamertoon, de a', met (tegenwoordig) een frequentie van 440 Hz. Er bestaan ook stemvorken voor andere stemhoogten, ook voor andere toonhoogten dan a1. Om de zachte toon van een stemvork goed te horen, wordt de stemvork met het ronde uiteinde wel tegen het hoofd gehouden (beengeleiding) of op een resonator gemonteerd of op bijvoorbeeld een tafelblad gedrukt.

Onderstaand in het Engels een handleiding voor de gebruiker:

Used to relax & re-balance the whole body & energy system
Why Use Tuning Forks in Sound Therapy?

A tuning fork is designed to precisely emit a single frequency 
(a pure sound). Tuning forks are used in medicine, music, and science for a variety of applications. Their precision makes them ideal for use in sound therapy, using the human body's capacity to resonate with pure sound. 

The creators of INNER SOUND, Arden and Jack Wilken, have developed a special series of tuning forks spaced in pure 5th intervals for use at the ears. 

The Pure 5th A pure 5th is the naturally tuned form of the musical interval known as the perfect 5th in which the frequency of the higher tone is exactly 1.5 times the frequency of the lower tone. The pure 5th is an important element in our environment, appearing frequently in the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice. It is also the most important interval in sound healing and appears almost always in healing music compositions, ancient as well as modern. The use of tuning forks in this interval, one at each ear, produces an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout the body. This occurs at all levels helping our body to relax deeply. This relaxed state helps our body to regenerate and our energy

system to balance and align. 
INNER SOUND Spiral of Fifths Tuning Forks The Spiral is a series of 13 precision-made (tuned to the 2nd decimal) aluminum tuning forks that provide a stable and exact series of pure 5th intervals. The base tone of the Spiral is taken from the Schumann Earth Cavity Frequency. The dominant frequency is approximately 7.865 Hz, well below the limit of human hearing, which begins at 20 Hz. The First tuning fork, at 31.46 Hz, is 2 octaves above the Schumann Frequency. The tuning forks step up by pure 5ths from the 1st to the 13th fork, at 4081.81 Hz.

The Effect of the Spiral of Pure 5ths
The wide range of frequencies within this set facilitates working at all levels of the organism, in the body from the feet to the head and in the entire energy system to include the chakras, energy channels, and electromagnetic field (also known as the aura). In professional practice they are ideal to support any therapy or techniques such as massage, body work or energy healing. On a personal level they are excellent for managing stress. 

Correct Way to HOLD Tuning Forks Always hold only the stem handle at the bottom of the fork. Touching the prongs will stop the vibration. See illustration below: Instructions for TONING the Tuning Forks There are several ways to tone your tuning forks: for the softest sound, tap tuning forks on a hard muscle such as the thigh near the knee or the firmest part of the palm of your hand for a slightly louder sound, tap gently on your knee cap or tap on the Tuning Fork Activator for a loud sound, strike with our Rubber Mallet for the loudest sound, very gently tap two tuning forks against each other or tap a single fork on the edge of a hard surface such as a table. Be careful not to nick them. Possible Ways to USE the Tuning Forks Tone a single fork or two forks together to create a harmonic and either hold or move above the body or place stem end on: 
*any tissue of the body such as bones, organs and muscles
*acupuncture points or meridian energy lines (known as Sound puncture)
*reflex zones of feet, hands, ears or head
*chakras or transition points between chakras, front or back
*a crystal as you direct the crystal toward the recipient
*any vessel containing flower essences, gem elixers, homeopathics, purified water, or any vibrational remedy
*planetary acupuncture points at various locations on planet Earth
*sweep through the subtle layers of energy field
*stroke meridians
*when toning two forks together, you can use to balance left/right, top/bottom, or front/back of the body
*move through a room to fill a space with a particular frequency

*move all around a person to clear discordant energies and fill their aura with a particular frequency These remarkable tuning forks are made of a special aluminum alloy that is heat-treated and is guaranteed to be accurate to .25%*. Each set and each individual fork comes in a protective wooden box for storage and travel. Aluminum Alloy tuning forks are designed for health and healing. Unlike stainless steel, they emit more pure, more vibrant, louder and longer lasting tones. And contrary to steel forks which create a single note, aluminum alloy forks are specifically designed to create rich overtones.Overtones are different octaves of the same note. The effect is similar to the Tibetan monks deeply moving chants. The rich overtones produced by aluminum alloy tuning forks create a deeper and richer experience. Overtones create an atmosphere where one can connect with their multi-dimensional essence.

Healing met stemvorken.

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