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Dear relation: The holiday is almost over But in many countries they have continued to work on the new Timmersgems ATUMNN COLLECTION. From August 19 to September 1 our showrooms are packed with new products including 1. Containers from Madagascar with lots of news. 2. from Cebu with shells and lotus lights. 3. from India with HEM Incense. 4. from Brazil with 22 tons of Geodes. 5. from Mexico with black and Andara obsidian. 6. from India with a lot of Silver and 7. from Indonesia with a lot of carvings.

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Rose of Jericho large format from Mexico

Rose of Jericho large format from Mexico


Rose of Jericho large format from Mexico


The best worldwide come from Mexico. This dry bulb is after 5 minutes in the water a beautiful flowering bulb, and can help against eczema / acne.

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Miracle of nature, a plant of dozens or even hundreds of years old. put in cold or warm water and the plant comes to life again and again, read the instructions on the back of this paper

(Selaginella Lepidopilifera) is a desert fern that occurs naturally in the Middle East and Central America. This "rose" For long periods in desert areas like a normal plant grow and reproduce until the environment no longer supports an adequate existence. When the flowers and leaves are dead and fallen, and the plant has already lost its moisture, branches curl inwards, forming a round ball. The roots withdraw from the earth and the plant can continue blowing through the desert wind, until it found a wet spot on a day, where it can grow. The ball unfolds, spreads out and deposits its seeds, which germinate. If the young plants have gotten water will shoot them quickly in the bud. Even after 100 years without water the plant can come to life. Not for nothing it is called flat of the resurrection!

The rose of Jericho is sold in Mexico as a diuretic. It is also used in rituals of voodoo and Cuban Santeria for love, happiness and generate money. It is said that absorb negative energy When carried on the body.

Usage Completely dried out Jericho roses will grow if placed in water. The natural green color comes back and the sail is again a living organism. Place the Rose in a saucer or bowl for 3 days or longer until he is and opens green. (Normally you see already a few hours result) The water must be changed often. Allow the plant to dry out completely, after a week of being green and alive. This process can be repeated again and again. Perfect for learning purposes.