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Madagascar, Maroc & Arkansas containers have arrived! Furthermore, a large BACKYARDSALE with 32 tons of rough stones, 173 boxes with rare shells, 117 boxes of Darshan incense and lots of lava images EVERYTHING HAS TO GO! 



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Murano glass art from the eponymous Italian island. "Stately Flamingo"

Flamingo 9 x 55 cmlogo_product

Murano glass art from the eponymous Italian island. "Stately Flamingo"


Murano glass art from the eponymous Italian island. "Stately Flamingo"


Austrian crystal animals, Czech wooden music boxes therefore opt for the most beautiful glass art of Murano from Italy. Conscious gift items from our own Europe!



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Murano is usually described as an island in the Lagoon of Venice, but like Venice itself it is a collection of islands that are connected by bridges. Murano is located about 1.5 kilometers north of Venice. It is famous for its glassware. Approximately 6,000 people live there. In 1291, all glass blowers from Venice were forced to move to Murano because of the fire risk. It was also said that the intention was to secure the secrets of glass blowing in this way. Under penalty of death, glassblowers were forbidden to tell their art; these people lived as prisoners on the island. Murano became famous for the glassware and also for the mirrors. The aventurine glass was also invented on Murano. Later the island became famous for its candlesticks. In the eighteenth century the industry declined because the art of glass rose in Bohemia. But even at the beginning of the twenty-first century glass is still the most important industry on Murano.