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After almost 6 years of being away today, 18 tons of Bronzite, Hematite, Cheetah (Serpentine), Aventurine, Blue Quartz and the only real 100% natural orange Calcite were received - all from Brazil. Coming week, a container from Madagascar, a shipment from Tucson and a shipment of drinking bottles expected. Order the new stones today via the webshop, or come by appointment! (Sorry, Friday 28th and saterday 29th we are closed)

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Horse head XXL from teakwood - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Horse head XXL from teakwood - Sulawesi, Indonesia


Horse head XXL from teakwood - Sulawesi, Indonesia


Beautiful big teak animals - heads, free shape cut out. Really beautifully cut work!


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Beautiful works of art entirely handmade from various woods on Flores.
Flores (Portuguese for flowers) is one of the Little Soenda Islands. It is an Indonesian island, located east of Soembawa and Komodo, and to the west, beyond the Lowotobi Street, the islands of Solor, Adonara and the Solorarchipel. To the south is the island of Timor. In the south, separated by Soemba, Soemba is north and across the Flores Sea, Celebes. The island belonging to the Timor archipelago is located between 8 degrees and 4 minutes and 8 degrees and 58 minutes south latitude and 119 degrees and 48 minutes and 123 degrees and 30 minutes eastern length. The area of ​​Flores is 14,300 square kilometers, which is approximately equal to a third of the Netherlands. Flores is a highly-acclaimed island. From East to West, mountain ranges cover dead and still volcanos that together form part of a volcano series stretching over Sumatra, Java and across the Little Soenda Islands.