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Bulgarian minerals and 25 new tumblestone types and 37 more boxes with beautiful shells at great prices and lava-statues 70% discount




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Hyper Stone "polished at one side" from Canada.

Hyperstheen aangepolijst stuk_product

Hyper Stone "polished at one side" from Canada.


Hyper Stone "polished at one side" from Canada.


In 2013 we introduced these beautiful cities in Europe, and in 2016, which is not indispensable to many rock shops. Very nice "chatoyance" on every stone!



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The Hypersten stone provides the right level of activity and inner peace. Helps feelings of annoyance and confusion to dissipate and release stimulates clairaudience. And dynamically balanced in decision-making and action, helps to properly deal with criticism and to express it themselves in a peaceful way towards others that this will always prove a little stumbling block. Hypersten is ideal to use during shamanic journeys to the underworld. It is a strong cleansing, grounding and protective stone that you make powerful energy fields. Hypersten is also suitable if you want to work on entrenched blockades, raises pain, good for the stomach, helps with too much stomach acid, it is the iedeale stone to connect the inside and the outside world with each other.