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19.02.2019; 1130kilo klankschalen & 6500 Tibetaanse vlaggenlijnen binnengekomen alsmede onze Tucson-zending met o.a. Roze Amethyst uit Patagonië & Crocoieten uit Dundas/Tasmanië. Kom of bestel via DHL (LET OP; ZATERDAG 23.02 GESLOTEN)

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Piraten houtsnijwerk

Piraten houtsnijwerk


Piraten houtsnijwerk


Mooi houtsnijwerk met diverse teksten


300 x 320 x 100mm


Aanvullende informatie

Piracy is a practice that has existed since time immemorial, even before the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Under Article 101 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) of 1982, piracy is defined as any criminal act of violence, detention or depredation, committed for private purposes by the crew or passengers of a private ship that is focused on the high seas ( ie outside territorial waters) against another ship or persons or property on board a ship. Piracy can also be committed against a ship, person or property outside the jurisdiction of any State. The age-old phenomenon of piracy is still part of the current international shipping. Piracy means robbing goods or abduct people in connection with a ransom demand or slave trade. The origins of piracy coincides with the beginning of shipping. With the rise of overseas merchant shipping and related valuables piracy expanded rapidly. Related to the term pirate or buccaneer his buccaneer and privateer. After the air was more important, the concept of piracy also came into use here and later elsewhere as in the world of art and science.