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Just arrived 4 containers from Brazil (Amethyst / Agate), South Africa (Tumbled Stones), Indonesia (Wood Carvings) & Tibet (Black salt lamps) Note; The showroom will be closed from 25th till June 30th due to the trade fair in France. You can then order via the website, the goods will be sent on July 2nd.

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Desert Rose "eyes" pendant from Mexico.

Desert Rose "eyes" pendant from Mexico.


Desert Rose "eyes" pendant from Mexico.


Pendants made in the Netherlands on the basis of cut and two rings. New book expands pendant gemstone therapy 2.0

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A desert rose (also called sand rose) is a mixture of the mineral gypsum and sand grains that are embedded in the crystal lattice of the mineral. Desert Roses are also formed with barite. It is not a pure mineral and strictly speaking not a rock. Some believe that the right to share in the best under rock falls. Desert Roses are formed in deserts where ground water by capillary action, and there comes to the surface evaporates quickly. The groundwater must also correct minerals (gypsum and / or barite) containing remain where it evaporates. Desert Roses are popular items among collectors of minerals. Quack close beneficial effects to the desert rose far. As the desert rose would help against radiation.