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 Note; The showroom will be closed from 25th till June 30th due to the trade fair in France. You can then order via the website, the goods will be sent on July 2nd.Just arrived 4 containers from Brazil (Amethyst / Agate), South Africa (Tumbled Stones), Indonesia (Wood Carvings) & Tibet (Black salt lamps)

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Moqui marble "eyes" pendant from the USA.

Moqui marble "eyes" pendant from the USA.


Moqui marble "eyes" pendant from the USA.


Pendants made in the Netherlands on the basis of cut and two rings. New book expands pendant gemstone therapy 2.0

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Moqui Marbles (Navajo sandstones) Original Moqui Marbles from Utah in the USA - the land of the Moqui Indians. The detailed description can be read and download them later on this website. Moqui Marbles come from the Indians and means faithful favorite. They are also called Shamans stones because they were used by the Shamans as healing stones and still are. It is a pleasure to wear a pair of activated Moqui marbles with you. The Moqui's provide a positive, healing energy for the body, mind and aura and heal blockages. They give us more lives joy, a clear mind, understanding and a positive image. They strengthen the deeper emotional subconscious, self-esteem, the sense of life and self-esteem. If energy stone, this stone has been known for hundreds of years. He protects families for malice, fire, lightning, flooding and false friends. He gives the family life energy, happiness and fertility. Moqui balls are a together a couple, one is a male, the other female. On the larger Moquis the male is the Marble with the ring or protrusion and the female smooth Moqui. In smaller Moquis the gross Marble male and smooth Maoqui the female. The UFOs (the big Moquis) and the double Moquis are a couple as one. So then male and female in one Marble melted together. If you wear one ball at you, you have this night again merge with the partner to build up energy. If you are in possession of a bunch Moqui Marbles should do this by stroking, caressing and help you until they bring energy. Is this energy balance and energy between the couple then present this energy flows through you body.