Megaloxantisa bicolor udeThailande Myanmar

Joliment mise en place, avec respect pour la nature, cet insect est mort comme tous les insectes dans notre assortiment!
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Splendor Beetles (Buprestidae) are a family of the order Coleoptera (beetles). There are about 15,000 species in 450 genera. Splendor beetles are generally quite slim and have a rear-focused body. They can reach a length between 0.2 and 6.5 cm and often have bright colors: green, red or blue with polka dots, stripes or bands and a metal-like or iridescent sheen which many species despite the short length as true works of art are and considered to be a highly valuable in insect collections by collectors. Virtually all types of plant life and some are notorious for feeding damage. The adult beetles are often found on plants and tree trunks where they honey, flowers and pollen food. The larvae dig tunnels in the wood and focusing considerable damage in forests. The eggs are laid in wood. This family lives mainly in the tropics, even in temperate regions are some species. In Europe and North America, the jewel beetles are also found in the built environment. In Central Europe there are around 125 species in the Netherlands and a small 25.


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