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Bulgarian minerals and 25 new tumblestone types and 37 more boxes with beautiful shells at great prices and lava-statues 70% discount




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Formula 1 racing keychain and / or bags hanger

Formula 1 racing keychain and / or bags hanger


Formula 1 racing keychain and / or bags hanger


Metal key and / or bag hanger which is silver plated, and as beautiful fashion accessory can be worn.




More information

A keychain is a small object (no key) attached to a key ring or integral with a key ring. Often a keychain only serves for decoration. Sometimes there is a lamp, which is useful for searching a keyhole in the dark. Furthermore, the keychain can contain a picture or other picture. Clearly functional is the keychain that states what the key serves for. Such a keychain usually only confirms one key. Hotels use very large key chains, preventing guests from taking a key. For car keys, key chains with built-in remote control for the central door lock also exist. Keychains are often given as gifts to customers. They are in different materials, and can be printed with a company logo. For some people, keychains are a collective item. Some collectors collect all types of keychains, but there are also those who only collect a particular kind. For example: Plush keychains, Souvenir keychains (preferably from places they have visited themselves), Advertising keychains, fashion keychains. At Timmersgems we have a wide collection of advertising and fashion keychains.