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Dear relation: The holiday is almost over But in many countries they have continued to work on the new Timmersgems ATUMNN COLLECTION. From August 19 to September 1 our showrooms are packed with new products including 1. Containers from Madagascar with lots of news. 2. from Cebu with shells and lotus lights. 3. from India with HEM Incense. 4. from Brazil with 22 tons of Geodes. 5. from Mexico with black and Andara obsidian. 6. from India with a lot of Silver and 7. from Indonesia with a lot of carvings.

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"Essential" aroma oil from Italy (4-6 scents)


"Essential" aroma oil from Italy (4-6 scents)


"Essential" aroma oil from Italy (4-6 scents)


"Beautiful" and good oil for the aromadiffuser. Are supplied assorted

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Essential oil is also called aromatic, volatile or essential oil. The essential oils are volatile oils extracted from plants. Perfume oils, on the other hand, are chemically formulated and are intended to mimic a fragrance. Perfume oil is cheaper, but is also less strong. The word ethereal comes from the Greek aither. Literally aither means air from heaven. With aither the Greeks indicated the bottom layer of the cosmos. Sometimes it is spelled "aetheric oils". The essential oils, like ether, are volatile and heavily fragrant. The indication essential oil is an anglicism and comes from the English word essence that means extract. Essential oils can be extracted from different parts of a plant, for example the blossom, the fruit, the seed, the leaves, the skin, or the wood (of stem, branches or roots). Sometimes different parts of a plant contain different essential oils. Some types of essential oil are quite expensive. This is because sometimes many plants are needed to produce a small amount of oil. A cheap oil is, for example, orange oil, because the peelings of oranges are a waste product of the juice industry. Expensive is, for example, rose oil, because a lot of specially cultivated roses are needed to produce a bit of essential oil.