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Also expected: Sage / Sweetgrass from the U.S.A., Nag Champa from India and pink Amethyst from Patagonia in Argentina. Order in the webshop and with DHL from € 500, - delivered FREE in NL, Belgium, France, UK, Austria & Ireland. Or call for an appointment in Berghem.(Saterday 19th september we are closed)

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Yumas jade "facial" roller (Telegraaf 19.01.2020 described this massage as successful against rampar

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Yumas jade "facial" roller (Telegraaf 19.01.2020 described this massage as successful against rampar


Yumas jade "facial" roller (Telegraaf 19.01.2020 described this massage as successful against rampar


Coming from the ancient Ming dynasty, this cold gemstone "roller" does not just work cool! By rolling, the lymphatic drainage is also promoted, so that waste products leave the skin faster.



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The original Yumas massager made of the finest green jade (serpentine) is traditional craftsmanship in the best quality. He spoils like a refreshing, cool fountain in every roller massage. With a solid brass frame and two differently sized rolling surfaces (approx. 5 cm and approx. 2.5 cm wide) with a total length of approx. 17 cm.
Massage roller: Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity, known for it’s spiritual and medicinal properties. The massage roller can be used on the face as well as on the rest of the body to combat aging symptoms or local problems. The Jade roller stimulates lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. Circulation massage and acupressure with the Jade roller gives the skin extra supply of oxygen. The Jade roller is an invigorating closure for any facial treatment or massage. *Higher collagen production. *Close the pores. *Gives a smoother skin. *removes waste and toxins. *Reduces wrinkles and folds in the skin. *Improves blood, and prevents age spots and pigmentation spots. *Provides good blood circulation, to obtain a healthy color. *Strengthens the connective tissue and skin, resulting in fewer skin problems. Meridian spheres: The meridian spheres have in theory and practice practically the same function as the roller but should preferably be used by a second person and are ideal for massage of larger surfaces such as the back and the abdomen. Meridian bulbs bring the energy flows back into balance and provide a strengthening of the connective tissue. Can be used hot and cold (always use a stone heater)