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New: Brazil container (new tea lights, geodes, Agates), Indonesia container (Bumble-bee, Sulfur), Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) Vietnam shipment (Porcupines / shells), and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) and Madagascar container! 5 containers with over 80 tons of rough stones & 2 shipments with 6 tons of stones! Call and come by, or order via the website.

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Wooden earrings / buttons presentation tree

Wooden earrings / buttons presentation tree


Wooden earrings / buttons presentation tree


Made in the village of Mas, Bali


More information

The town house is situated on the main road, 20 km north of Denpasar and Ubud for 6 km. Mas has developed into the thriving center for wood carving in Bali. Mas played a major role in the Balinese history during the 16th century, it was the place where a great priest from Java, Dang Hyang Nirartha (also called Dwijendra) had his house. There is a legend that when the priest his wooden stick in the ground crossed a miracle happened. The stick was a living tree with golden flowers, from which the village takes its name. Means in Indonesian Mas 'Gold'. The priest also predicted that all his offspring will live in the woods. And true enough, the village is famous for its wood carvings. During the 1930s, under the influence of Walter Spies and Pita Maha, a new style of woodcarving was developed. The motives were more realistic and inspired by everyday scenes with people and animals. Several of these early works are now on display at the Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud. During this period, carving more and more appreciated and purchased by foreigners, but only after 1970 also began exporting carvings.

Mas woodcarving village on Bali.

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