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Jade - guasha pencil in free hand embroidered bag.

Jade - guasha pencil in free hand embroidered bag.


Jade - guasha pencil in free hand embroidered bag.


Gemstone - massages are very popular, especially the "Guasha" -massage with, inter alia, Rose Quartz and Jade.


200 x 80mm

Prijs elders

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Gua Sha (刮痧), literally "scrape" from "diseases by stagnant energy", is an ancient medical treatment that is still practiced in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also used by the Chinese as a nation therapy as a preventive or curative treatment. Gua Sha consists of scraping the skin with a polished jade stone (a bao yü) or the horn of a water buffalo. The smooth side is firmly placed on the oiled skin and moved in one direction along the muscles or along the acupuncture meridians, in regions of about 15 cm long. This firmly scrape caused outflow of blood from peripheral capillaries (Petechiae) and can subcutaneous hematoma (bleeding) cause, which usually disappear after two to four days. The color varies according to the stagnation of the blood of the patient (which may be correlated with the nature of the disease) of dark blue / black to pale pink, usually a red tint. Although the spots look painful they are not. Patients usually feel an immediate change and progress.

Gua Sha techniques are used in the treatment of hundreds of symptoms including: Injuries to muscles and tendons, RSI, whiplash, tennis elbow, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, headache, fever, fatigue caused by heat (heat stroke) or cold, cough and shortness of breath bronchitis , asthma, emphysema, stiffness and pain, digestive discomfort, urinary tract diseases, reactions from food poisoning.