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Ear candles (various colors) 50% OFF

Ear candles (various colors) 50% OFF


Ear candles (various colors) 50% OFF


Very popular to clean the ears easily without jeopardizing your hearing system. Very popular and easy to use.

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OorkaarsenEarcandles Reduce your stress and relive your inner peace with the treatment of ear candles. It's effective to treat ear aches, itching in the ear, headache, migraine, ear sucking, Stress and nervous tension. You will be amazed by the facelift effect and the feeling that you can breathe through your nose again. It causes a long wave of well-being. You will also be able to taste good and relive old tastes when eating. 1. Lay on a pillow on your side. 2. Massage the place to be treated. 3. Beat 2 towels around the pillow. 4. Insert the wide end of the ear bangs and insert the narrow side into the outer ear. . 5. Let the ear candles burn up to 7 cm before the highlighted line on the candle. 6. The resulting vacuum caused by the candle causes the wax to be absorbed and your ear becomes very clean 7. Finally, after your treatment, clean your ears well with alcohol. A manufacturer of ear candles sells them as "Hopi". About candles, however, there is no treatment with the Hopi, which also resembles an ear candle treatment. It is difficult to say where the use of the ear bangs has begun but most likely it is originated in ancient China. Ovarian treatment lasts between 15 and 45 minutes during this time, 1 or 2 ear candles are used for each ear. We do not accept any responsibility for the operation and use of ear candles. Keep in mind that you work with fire, and even though the flames are small you can burn them and they can start a big fire if you do not notice the candles. Make sure that you have something to wipe the candles when a fire is created. You also have a lighter, a pair of towels and a place to lay down. It is not recommended to use the candles for yourself, it is better to ask for assistance and relax on the couch or sofa. 


  • Watch videos about How to work with ear candles. Traditional and Hopi technique.