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Business holiday 2020: 13-26th july!  Ordering via the webshop is possible and will  be sent on the 28th!

Visiting the showroom is open again monday 27th of july!

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90% DISCOUNT! The last Ypsilon- & Lambda massagers

90% DISCOUNT! The last Ypsilon- & Lambda massagers


90% DISCOUNT! The last Ypsilon- & Lambda massagers


The last at absurd prices! The three or four supplied batteries are more expensive than the entire unit! GONE = GONE

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This is not a medical device but it may help to relax your muscles and deep tissue. The feeling that this massager gives you can feel in your whole body and it makes you feel very much relaxing tranquillized.  This lovely series of massagers is developed to make your life more pleasant and comfortable. All working for a long time on batteries. It is really a must for people suffering from muscle pains, RSI or other problems with local pains. Great after sports to relax the muscles, skin and tissue again. Good for a massage on a cold day to make the blood circulate better.