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Yoni jade eggs (3pcs) of pure jade that behave in the vagina to train the pelvic floor muscles.

Yoni jade eggs (3pcs) of pure jade that behave in the vagina to train the pelvic floor muscles.


Yoni jade eggs (3pcs) of pure jade that behave in the vagina to train the pelvic floor muscles.


Yoni Eggs are eggs of pure jade that behave and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in the vagina. As a result, many problems can be relieved such as: Urinary loss, vaginism and the inability to achieve orgasm. (Maximum 2 hours per day)

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Jade is the common name for two minerals used as gemstones: jadeite and nephrite. In the economic circuit is also nepjade. This is worth less than genuine jade. One can distinguish the two from each other by real jade in a long period of time changes color as the years has been in contact with human skin. Jade has many different colors: green, brown, black or wolkenwit, from very light to very dark. Jade is like soapstone and chalcedony been cut and edited thousands of years by the Chinese. Jade was originally used as a tool but came during the Han Dynasty in vogue as jewelry. The only place where nephrite found in China located in Sinkiang around the city of Khotan. In Chinese culture is only processed jade seen as valuable. A lump of raw jade is of lesser value. In Sanzijing is listed as a comparison with education: "If one does not polishing jade, it is not costly thing if a man does not learn, his life has no meaning, because he knows the norms, values and respect for life is not. and thus will never be accomplished "(玉不琢不成器 人 不 學 不知 義). Jade is considered a valuable stone that wards off evil forces. When carried a long piece of jade on his body, for example a piece of thread around the neck, one will see that the jade slowly changes color. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the medals feature jade.


The Yoni egg
A physical aspect of tantra is tightening the PC muscle -the pubococcygeus muscle-. This is the muscle you tighten when you have to stop your pee. The PC muscle is both men and women a charm when working with sexual energy. Making stronger PC muscle is just like with everything: lots of practice. That's doing really always and everywhere: nobody sees it when you during a meeting, in the car, by bike or on foot in a museum ever rhythmic your PC muscle contracts. For women, there is an additional powerful tool: the egg. Look for a oefenei of gemstone, such as rose quartz. Hold the egg first look below your navel to feel if the stone nice feel for you, because you will use it in your most receptive field and feel the energy charge of the stone always runs through your energy system. Strength with resistance Transfer the egg into your yoni and practice now, preferably standing in the contraction of your PC muscle. You will notice that you can now put more power is there resistance. The same principle: you have to make a firmer fist with an object in your hand than with an empty hand. You can initially feel some pain, like any muscle that needs to be reinvigorated. After use, thoroughly clean and dry the hole before reuse. The Yoni eggs are available in Jade, Quartz, Sodalite, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Picasso Jasper, Aventurine and Red Jasper.

Yoni eggs.