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30th november grape Agate from Indonesia, furthermore received silver jewellery with Seraphinite, Larimar and Charoite, furthermore expected container with Chinese stones, and nice polished smoothstones. Order by webshop, or visit us.

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Water Agate from Brazil (very rare!)


Water Agate from Brazil (very rare!)


Water Agate from Brazil (very rare!)


Crafty Agate "noudle" where water originated and remains. Very fine and very rare. Every year there are only a few references.

Prijs elders

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The waterachates, also called Enhydro or Adlerstein, are extraordinary geodes, whose cavity is filled with millions of years of ancient water. The color spectrum of the mostly beautifully grained agates ranges from white / beige and brown over red to gray / black tones. The geodes, which often appear in different places, allow a direct view of the enclosed water inside. The Wasserachat has always been regarded as a strong protection and fortune stone in many cultures (hence the frequent name "Glücksgeode"). At the same time, he is nicknamed "Protector of the Pregnant" because he was already used by Hildegard von Bingen to alleviate birth defects.