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Tiger iron from Goldsworthy in Australia

Tiger iron from Goldsworthy in Australia


Tiger iron from Goldsworthy in Australia


Beautiful handicrafts ideal for collector or esoteric use.

More information

Tiger Iron is a rock composed of hematite, which forms silvery layers, from red, yellow or brown jasper and golden yellow to golden brown tiger. As a rough stone tiger iron is usually rusty red. He gives off red. The color of the stone depends on the proportions of the existing tiger (yellow-brown shades), Jasper (Red) and hematite (silvery). Tiger Iron is always clear striped like a tiger. Tigeriron belongs to the oxides and quartz. By collapsing and pressing together of the substrate composed of layers of jasper, hematite and tiger creates a layered structure of jasper, hematite and tiger. Tigeriron poses enormous masses that can weigh tons. Repositories include South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. In gemstone therapy tiger iron is used as "power stone", a stone that can give a lot of energy, "the tiger in the tank."