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New: Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) Call and come by, or order via the website. (SATERDAY 15TH AUGUST WILL BE CLOSED)

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Shungite tumbled stones from Russia


Shungite tumbled stones from Russia


Shungite tumbled stones from Russia


Well-tumbled stones with beautiful polished shine.



More information

Shungite is a mineral that is not suitable for dissolving in water. Contamination can make this dangerous. We therefore strongly advise against taking Shungiet in any way.

Shungite is a black, shiny, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent carbon. It was first described from a depot near Shun'ga village, in Karelia, Russia, where it gets its name. Shungit is known for the fullerenes it contains. Shungiet is a stone that has existed for 2 billion years. Still quite unknown. It derives its action from the presence of a special crystal form of carbon. It is a very special stone that specifically helps with electromagnetic smog. You can place the stone around your electrical appliances in order to counteract the radiation. Because the stone is strong magnetic, it works very groundy, cleansing and transforming. It is also a protective stone. It also protects you from people who think negative about you (or exercise black magic). It shades off the aura and fills it with white light. The stone is also called the 'Life Stone' because of its antibacterial properties. You can also make a powerful elixer of this stone. The stone cleans water and irrigates the water with healing vibrations.