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We received 7200 gemstone hearts, 27,000 drilled gemstone pendants, 1200 Fluorite tealight holders and 180 kilos of flat stones this week, and expected further for our summer break (NOTE: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLOSED 13 TO 28 JULY) 2 containers with Indonesia goods (container with wood / bronze / dream catchers and another container with rough and cut stones)

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SALE 2020: Rose Quartz XXL triple A quality hand-cut stones from Ambatondrazaka (Tamatave)Madagascar

SALE 2020: Rose Quartz XXL triple A quality hand-cut stones from Ambatondrazaka (Tamatave)Madagascar


SALE 2020: Rose Quartz XXL triple A quality hand-cut stones from Ambatondrazaka (Tamatave)Madagascar


The most beautiful rose quartz in the world comes from Madagascar. But also the finest hand polished rose quartz come of Madagascar. So this combination in one beautifully polished product is an absolutely top product in your assortment.


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Massage wands be used as massage tools and by the shape and stone sort particularly suitable for practicing various massage techniques. Also for pressure point massages or treatments, these scions particularly suitable. The different types of gemstone whose slate pencils were made to their characteristics and operation to strengthen and deepen the massage.

Energy exchange between oil, gemstone and humans
Massage with gem stones bearing (trailers) is suitable for young and old, for every skin tone and creates a good flow. Stress is removed and new sparkling energy will take its place. Because of the heat of the gemstone, the massage penetrates deeper into the muscle, rendering it even more effective. This type of massage is very suitable for people with muscle problems, joint problems, tension or stress. The gemstone massage can be a stand alone treatment or take place in combination with another treatment.

Stone where you can massage them include rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, orange calcite and carnelian. But actually every gemstone suitable depending on its typical characteristics. Gemstones can give you a lot of power when you are in a particular process or stage in your life. Think of the red jasper, which helps you stay on the ground with both feet (grounding) and supports digestion. Or rose quartz you a gentle, positive and loving experience working late. The stone of the heart. The effect of the gemstone massage is unloading and-Charging. It has a positive effect on the emotions and strengthen your self-image, self-esteem, love and joy.

We always like to refer to the link that opens when you following at the relevant page of the Gemstone Therapy Book and the Register of healing gemstones.

Healing with gemstones

Gemstone therapy Rosequartz (Dutch)