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Business holiday 2020: 13-26th july!  Ordering via the webshop is possible and will  be sent on the 28th!

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Fuchsite from Bahia in Brazil, tumbled.

Fuchsite from Bahia in Brazil, tumbled.


Fuchsite from Bahia in Brazil, tumbled.


Top quality tumbled stones among others. suitable for mosaic & orogonite art or just nice to sell in a bag.




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Name Data in 1842 by Karl FE von Schafhault in honor of Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs [May 15, 1774 Mattenzell, near Brem, Lower Bavaria, Germany - March 5, 1856 Munich, Germany] professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the University of Landshut and conservator the mineralogy collection. Greenish kind muscovite, high chromium (Cr trivalent Al replaces the crystal structure). Fuchsiet is a very insightful stone. It strengthens your self-esteem and independence. The stone gives particularly valuable insight into the way people treat you and how you deal with them. It promotes healthy interaction with the people around you, without (mutual) dependence and power differences. It encourages unconditional love and encourage you to help people on a healthy, equal way without instance itself sucked to be or to go beyond your own limits. The stone is also good for people on the negative energies, emotions and tensions of people in their environment to attract and imbibe. It reduces the tendency to assume the role of victim and (by your behavior or that of others) to end up in the role of victim. Fuchsiet also provides insight into diseases and can help to restore the natural balance again by passing on information on the choice of example, certain herbal remedies, essential oils, gemstones or (alternative) medicine. Furthermore, the stone has a positive effect on the blood, spine, muscles and nervous complaints such as RSI and CTS.