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Sea container from Peru with Pyrite, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Mangano Calcite, Pink Andesopal and so on. Another 2000 kilos of Paua shells from New Zealand, 13 tons of Black Tourmaline from Orissa / India, 1100 lasered Selenite plates (Ohm, Flower of Life & Tree of Life) 27,000 bundles of Sage / 300 kilos of loose sage and a full salt container! Order via the website, or call for an appointment. The coffee is ready!

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Table made of great quality Agate, produced entirely in-house and a real Bestseller!

Table made of great quality Agate, produced entirely in-house and a real Bestseller!


Table made of great quality Agate, produced entirely in-house and a real Bestseller!


Agate is super popular, especially this table that Rockshop has produced, 50 cm high and 50 cm in diameter and with a solid black base, is supplied as a compact set at a super low price!



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Agate is a transparent, but sometimes opaque variety of quartz and a sub-variety of chalcedony. The chemical structure of agate is identical to jasper, flint, hornwort and is often found together with opal. The colorful, striped specimens are used as semi-precious stones. The name agate comes from the Greek Ἀχάτης, Achatès, the name of the current river Dirillo in the south of Sicily, where agates and other chalcedones were found. Traditionally, agate was worn as a lucky stone or for healing. Consumables such as buttons were also made from agate. A number of medicinal properties are attributed to agate, such as protection during pregnancy, against headaches, skin disorders and balance disorders. According to various literature, agate belongs to the zodiac signs Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Gemini. Agate compounds form as a solution of silica in cavities in older rocks. The stones can be artificially stained to obtain color combinations that are more vibrant than those found in nature. The important sources of agate are Brazil, Uruguay and the United States (Oregon, Washington and around Lake Upper). Closer to the Netherlands and Belgium, agate is also found in the Hunsrück in Germany. Chemical composition: SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, Mn Crystal system: belongs to chalcedony-like quartz crystals, trigonal. Fission: none. Color: light blue or gray but it can also be green Stripe color: none. Gloss: glass gloss, matt, satin gloss. Hardness (Mohs): 6.5 to 7. Average density: 2.65 kg / dm3. Transparency: transparent to translucent.