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Also expected: Sage / Sweetgrass from the U.S.A., Nag Champa from India and pink Amethyst from Patagonia in Argentina. Order in the webshop and with DHL from € 500, - delivered FREE in NL, Belgium, France, UK, Austria & Ireland. Or call for an appointment in Berghem.(Wednesday 28th september  and saterday 03rd october we are closed)

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Tealight holders XL "Lotus" set of 3 (rosé, copper, silver)

Tealight holders XL "Lotus" set of 3 (rosé, copper, silver)


Tealight holders XL "Lotus" set of 3 (rosé, copper, silver)


Cut out metal tealight holder from Nepal.



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This tea light holder has a deep meaning because it is made in the form of a holy Buddhist lotus. Pure purity that will positively illuminate an entire departure and you will feel good as the fantastic light brings a tremendous atmosphere in the room. Lotus-shaped lamps can be found in many Buddhist temples, but are also popular in rooms where healing is practiced, a departure is purer and the healing powers be received better.

The lotus has great significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. The flower symbolizes divine birth and purity. The lotus is the attribute of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra. The Hindu god Vishnu is usually depicted with a lotus flower. Goddesses depicted as benevolent partner of a god often holding a lotus. Deities, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas stand or sit on a lotus throne: a pedestal in the shape of a lotus flower. The lotus flower was also used in the Persian antiquity. There are several images of Darius I and Xerxes I in which she depicted with a lotus flower.