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67 new gemstone bracelets in 4 & 8 mm, and new 4 mm faceted! Furthermore, 35 new types of flat stone types!On 17th october we will be expecting 730 gemsdragon- and rave-heads

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Pocket showcases

Pocket showcases


Pocket showcases


In January 2015 we came accros this remarkable boxes. Beautiful frames where you can put your valuables in "protected" and can take away. Even spherical stones can be included as shown.


130 x 130mm


More information

A display case is a display case whose contents can be viewed from several sides. This is because the walls of glass (French: vitre) are made, although nowadays other materials are used, such as perspex. There are also showcases in the form of a table where lying objects are shown under a transparent top wall. Showcases can be found, for example, in museums, showrooms, shops or in private homes. The use of a display case with a transparent partition of glass or plastic may have as a reason: protect or protect objects against contact or against climatic influences. an "illuminate" object - even in a literal sense, because focused light sources often increase the attention-grabbing effect. theft prevention of precious (purchase) goods (antiques, jewelery, mobile phones). exhibitions of private collections or valuables.