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It's finally here! “Tricolore Jade” from ………… Myamar! Not only the largest that has ever arrived in Europe, but also truly a masterpiece of green King Jade in combination with white Jade overgrowth combined with brown Jade. Really a winner! Furthermore, a container from Brazil. inside with Fuchsite, Sodalite, and many golden triangle items. Order or drop by (Please note closed on Saturday 7 November!)

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Glitter boxes (model round) 12 pieces in glittering display (BESTSELLER 2016)

Glitter boxes (model round) 12 pieces in glittering display (BESTSELLER 2016)


Glitter boxes (model round) 12 pieces in glittering display (BESTSELLER 2016)


Top Display! With 12 beautiful small boxes filled with glitter stones and mirrors


210 x 160mm

Prijs elders

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Gift Boxes of good quality cardboard with beautiful vivid colors, each equipped with a graceful bow. Ideal to wrap a small gift as a ring or gemstone. We supply these boxes assorted pack so that you always have the most beautiful colors in the home. A present, gift or present is something that is given away to someone. Gifts are often given to give a congratulatory, for example a birthday, more strength. Gifts are often packed in specially designed gift wrap it for to strengthen the curiosity about what's inside. Not every culture is equal to receiving gifts. In Suriname, for example, a custom gift receipt does not directly extract to not fall in the taste if not the gift giver might offend. So it is taboo to make soap gifts, to avoid the suggestion that the recipient would stink. In Japan, a lot of gifts given, never to be extracted, but shall only be transferred. The giver often does not know what he / she does this because it has only recently received and it obviously has not unpacked. Its nature, tends not to anniversary gifts, but presents for business partners. In Switzerland they will do their best to not tear the wrapping paper when unpacking to not get greedy about. Besides material gifts (which one gives to someone) are also intangible gifts for. For example, a former patient experienced healing as a gift, or so the person can see again from someone one not seen and missed experienced as gifts.


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