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It's finally here! “Tricolore Jade” from ………… Myamar! Not only the largest that has ever arrived in Europe, but also truly a masterpiece of green King Jade in combination with white Jade overgrowth combined with brown Jade. Really a winner! Furthermore, a container from Brazil. inside with Fuchsite, Sodalite, and many golden triangle items. Order or drop by (Please note closed on Saturday 7 November!)

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Fold window "WHITE" to keep a beautiful stone or something precious (BESTSELLER)


Fold window "WHITE" to keep a beautiful stone or something precious (BESTSELLER)


Fold window "WHITE" to keep a beautiful stone or something precious (BESTSELLER)


At the jewelery fair of Bangkok $ 16, - in 2016 and now we offer them in 2019 for a fraction of the price! And ensures success, because valuable items are stored not only beautifully but also safely.



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A display case is a display case whose contents can be viewed from several sides. This is because the walls of glass (French: vitre) are made, although nowadays other materials are used, such as perspex. There are also showcases in the form of a table where lying objects are shown under a transparent top wall. Showcases can be found, for example, in museums, showrooms, shops or in private homes. The use of a display case with a transparent partition of glass or plastic may have as a reason: protect or protect objects against contact or against climatic influences. an "illuminate" object - even in a literal sense, because focused light sources often increase the attention-grabbing effect. theft prevention of precious (purchase) goods (antiques, jewelery, mobile phones). exhibitions of private collections or valuables.