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67 new gemstone bracelets in 4 & 8 mm, and new 4 mm faceted! Furthermore, 35 new types of flat stone types!On 17th october we will be expecting 730 gemsdragon- and rave-heads

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Copper standard (without stone)

Copper standard (without stone)


Copper standard (without stone)


Pretty standard, in particular for rough mineral, fossil and / or shell to clamp between.


280 x 210 x 230mm


More information

Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a red / yellow transition metal also known as copper in unalloyed form. Excavations in the north of what is today known as Iraq, have shown that copper had been used around 8700 BC. [1] Other excavations indicate that in 5000 BC. copper already melted and isolated from copper minerals such as malachite and azurite. The Sumerians and Egyptians are known around 3000 BC. copper melted and used to make bronze. In China, the use of copper known and there are high quality bronzes from 1200 BC. found. In 1991 in the Austrian / Italian Alps found mummy Ötzi, presumably around 3300 BC. died, bore tools which consisted of 99.7% pure copper. In mythology and alchemy copper was often associated with the god Aphrodite because of the beautiful luster. For this reason, copper was used among other things for mirrors. The buyer name comes from the Latin word Cuprum. This word is derived from "aes Cyprium," which means "ore from Cyprus". In ancient times was in fact won by Cyprus copper. The main sources of copper minerals are chalcopyrite, chalcocite, covelliet, azurite, malachite and bornite. They are largely found in the earth's crust. Significant deposits of copper ore Chile, Peru and the United States. In Chile, about one-third of all copper mined. Indonesia has in the past decade showed the strongest growth in copper production and was the fourth largest producer in 2009. The main users of copper are China, Germany and the United States. Worldwide in 2009 was the consumption of copper in 18.4 million tons. The mine production amounted to 15.8 million tonnes by recycling was the total supply of 18.6 million tonnes. The demand is growing faster than supply driving down stocks. On 4 February 2011 the price of copper reached a record level of $ 10,000 per tonne. [2] In the same Financial Times article was reported that in 2011 will exceed the demand supply amply which are to be expected further price increases. Copper traded at several international fairs, such as London, New York and Shanghai.

Gemstone therapy Copper (Dutch language)

Coppermines in the U.S.A.

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