Tibetan 7-metallic

Tibetan 7-metallic "butter" bell

"Maja Dewi" Tibet covered with Turquoise / Coral / Lapis Lazuli

"Tsongkhapa" also called Tibetan Buddha called big /aprox. 30-40 centimeter

Slechts 1 bronsgieter in de wereld maakt dit type boeddha, en is zeer populair. Beeld weegt ong. 4-6 kg. en is per kilo spotgoedkoop
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"Tsongkhapa" also called Tibetan Buddha called big /aprox. 30-40 centimeter is available to buy in increments of 1

Tsongkhapa (Lobsang) (Kumbum (Tsongkha), 1357-1419) or Je Rinpoche is the founder of the gelugschool of Tibetan Buddhism. Its name means "the man from the onion valley" and his name as monk Lobsang Drakpa. He was educated in the Kadamschool. The two main features of the gelugtraditie the unity of sutra and tantra and the emphasis on vinaya (moral code or discipline). Tsongkhapa was born in 1357 in Amdo (northeastern Tibet). At that spot the Kumbum monastery gebouwd.Vanaf was his third year he was trained by Rolpey Dorje, the fourth Karmapa, who gave him the name Kunga Nyingpo. When he was seven he put his promise in Chojey Dhondup Rinchen, who gave him the name Lobsang Drakpa. His training was extensive and included, among others, the Six Yogas of Naropa, the Kalachakra and ended with the Mahamudra. Tsongkhapa traveled extensively throughout the country and studied with more than 100 teachers from all existing traditions including Dzogchen and held long retreats. During his travels, he often gave lessons and eventually became a teacher. Tsongkhapa founded in 1409 the monastery of Ganden and was the first the Ganden Tripa (1409-1419). Here he taught his own doctrine. This doctrine is called later Gelug and was based on a combination of existing schools (Kadampa, Kagyupa and Sakyapa). Tsongkhapa wrote many treatises, when he died in 1419, he made 18 collections of writings, which covered hundreds of topics. These writings are the main source of study (outside the teachings of Buddha) in the gelugtraditie. He had many students, including Gyaltsap Dharma Rinchen (1364-1431) and Gendün Drub (1391-1474), who later became the first Dalai Lama.

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