"Maja Dewi" Tibet covered with Turquoise / Coral / Lapis Lazuli

Living in China Daisann McLane Reto Guntli beautiful table book

Living in China Daisann McLane Reto Guntli beautiful table book

Treasures of the Incas written by Jeffrey Quilter

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An illustrated reference book on the artistic heritage that the ravages of the Conquistadores survived into the 16th century. A book about faith, gods, myths, building rich and often turbulent history that underlie these outstanding works of art and literature.

The author (curator, scientist and writer) in this richly illustrated book introduces the rise and fall of various coastal and mountain peoples in the Andes. The emphasis is on the many photos, images and illustrations, color, art treasures, nature and regions. In seven chapters, he discusses various cultural periods, such as the Chavincultus, the pre-ceramic period, the Waririjk, the Inca Empire, the arrival of the Spaniards and the collapse of the Inca empire. In doing so, the writer attention to the various kings, rituals, mythology and various art forms such as textiles, pottery, architecture and sculptures. With an introduction, glossary, bibliography and register. A readable, so-called 'coffeetable'-book in which the combination of image and text is well balanced and the text interesting enough to get an overall first impression of the history of this region. Apart from changes to the title this reprint unchanged

Author: Jeffrey Quilter
Other people involved: Peter Bently, Paulina de Nijs, N. Goebertus
Type: With illustrations
Language: Dutch
Dimensions: 250 mm
Including map
Edition: 1
ISBN10: 9089981624
ISBN13: 9789089981622

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