Buddhist ritual trumpet shells / Nepal

Buddhist ritual trumpet shells / Nepal

Dorje also called Vajhra

Dorje also called Vajhra "crosswise"

Dorje also called Vajhra in bronze

Buddhist prayer instrument made of Bronze in Nepal.
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Vajra (Devanagari: वज्र) is the Sanskrit word for both lightning as diamond and is considered as a ritual or spiritual attribute, primarily in Buddhism but also Hinduism. In Tibetan says the word Dorje same name that many men name appears in Tibet and Bhutan. It often also refers to a small scepter held by Tibetan tantric practitioners in the right hand during ceremonies, and which also equips a number of images of the Buddha. The Vajra destroys all kinds of ignorance and is itself indestructible. In Tantric rituals he symbolizes the male principle of methodology and compassion, while the corresponding bubble on the left indicates the feminine principle and wisdom. Interaction of the two leads to enlightenment. In the ancient Vedic religion Indra, "Lord of the Mountains" as the bearer of the Vajra ("lightning bearer") seen. In Buddhism the vajra is the symbol of the Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. Vajrayana is translated as the Diamond Way. It may involve the lightning experience of sudden illumination to Bodhi and it also implies indestructibility as specific to diamond. In the tradition of Tantric Buddhism is the Vajra symbolizes the nature of reality or sunyata. This is the endless void itself, which and in which everything exists, ourselves included. It is the ultimate primordial matter. This data refers to endless creativity, potentiality and skill in action. In Tantric literature the term extended. The term spiritual leader or guru vajracarya there. It has Vajrasattva etc. The practice to put the word as prefix to names, places and situations is a conscious effort to recognize the transcendent aspect of all phenomena. It represents a "consecration" of all activity of the spiritually minded seeker. It allows him to focus all his energy on psychophysiological spiritual life. Vajra's an object that represents the vajra is often used in tantric rituals. It looks like a joining of two open spheres, consisting of symmetrical four- or eight- dentate forks, which bend from lotus flowers on either side of the central sphere to two points at the same distance from that center, so that the whole the appearance of a " diamond scepter "get. Thus, the term will be translated as well.


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