Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl "Tadobati" from Nepal from 0.3 to 1.5 kilograms per piece

Singing Bowl old

Singing Bowl old

Crystals Guide Part 1 by Judy Hall Veltman Publishers

Veltman - estoeric series is one of our best-selling book series !.
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This book covers all important crystals that are currently available, and many lesser-known, recently discovered crystals. In this beautifully illustrated guide the shapes, colors and applications of more than two hundred crystals are described. You in the descriptions you find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal easily. The directory covers the practical and esoteric properties of each crystal, including spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical attributes also use mentioned in crystal healing. All in all, this has been an indispensable reference for all lovers of crystals of traditional and contemporary knowledge of crystals, based on the experience gained by the author in thirty years.

 The author works for more than thirty years with (semi) precious stones and has especially built through its intuitive approach, a great knowledge of crystals. Her insights she has recorded in three books. This "crystal bible 'is a practical and useful guide and inform readers about famous gemstones, but also lesser-known" New Tijds' crystals, which promote their very high vibrations help communication with other dimensions. Hall discusses the background and formation of crystals, their decorative properties, medicinal properties the crystal to choose and care for the various forms, the relationship between crystals and zodiac signs, the body, the aura etc., but most cleans up to describe it in more than two hundred crystals. Also, there is the clear layout by name, photo, framed information about color, appearance, rarity and reference, and characteristics (practical and esoteric), healing and position are discussed. A well in the obvious guide, groomed, clear language, beautiful illustrations, broad information, attractive cover and certainly by discussing "new" crystal worthwhile for interested laypersons and therapists. Register in very small letter

Author: Judy Hall
Other actors: Hans Keizer
Type: With illustrations
Language: Dutch Translated from the English
Translated by: Hans Keizer
Original title: The Crystal Bible
Dimensions: 27x167x139 mm
Weight: 608.00 g
Edition: 10
ISBN10: 9,059,203,380
ISBN13: 9,789,059,203,389

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