Antique Masterpiece

Antique Masterpiece "Durga statue" about 1820-1850

Dorje also called Vajhra in bronze

Dorje also called Vajhra in bronze

Buddhist ritual trumpet shells / Nepal

Used in Buddhism covered with ao Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli-, Malachite with India silver. Very nice, and sell with good profit
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The shell is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and represents the glory of the teachings of the Buddha, who like the sound of the conch shell spreads in all directions. In Tibet is blown on these shells. There he is called Sankha. The sound proclaims the glory of the holy name. On this instrument is blown into the temples of Hindus and Buddhists in prayer and / or meditation. Usually two or three horns simultaneously. Feng Shui: The conch is an important place to the Feng Shui, because there are all sorts of good qualities ascribed to a sense of peace and comfort in the home, as well as protection. According to Feng Shui works placing such a shell in the south corner of the living room as an amplifier of the popularity and reputation of the occupant. Put smooth trumpet shells in the kitchen to create energy that works harmoniously and family friendly. Keep prickly shells on the windowsill to attract energy to the house and protects against accidental damage. Keep always some trumpet shells in a basket on a table near the front door, for a successful and satisfying career. Buddhism in Tibet: The trumpet shell is generally used to "call for religious meetings." It is also used to hold 'holy water' in, and as a musical instrument during Puja ceremonies.

Ritua; conch (Tibet)

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Dimensions 12-15 cm
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