BESTSELLER 2021: Yoga Shakti mat or

BESTSELLER 2021: Yoga Shakti mat or "nail mat" Navy with Navy "Nails" 7 Chakras.

Yoga Shakti mat or

Yoga Shakti mat or "nail mat" neck pillow Gray OM with purple "Nails"

Yoga Shakti mat or "nail mat" neck pillow Orange Buddha with orange "Nails"

also called Shaktimat or "Nail Bed" Did you know that there are many nails "lotus flower stimuli" on this bed, which take you back to the time of the old Fakirs!
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Yoga Shakti mat or "nail mat" neck pillow Orange Buddha with orange "Nails" is available to buy in increments of 1

This "Indian nail bed" was voted "the product of the year 2019" in Germany in 2020. From more than 7,000 newly submitted articles, this article was selected and obtained the highest possible and coveted "Product Award of Germany 2019". The nail bed with 5500 lotus flower stimuli is used for body control, good bleeding and the results with these mats are astonishing. Available in orange comes with manual.

 How to use the Shakti mat. No less than 5500 acupressure points make this original Shakti mat a very effective tool for releasing tension and providing a deep state of relaxation! Regular use of this Shakti mat will greatly enhance your sense of well-being and recovery, both physically and mentally. Stress is the biggest and nastiest toxin to the mind and body. A good 15 minutes daily on the Shakti mat will help reduce many stress-related complaints. In addition, people will become more patient and kind as the quality of decisions improves. The Shakti nail mat also naturally activates the blood circulation. This will make the body easier and faster to recover from efforts and complaints. The self-healing capacity of body and mind will increase. The color orange stands for "happiness" and mainly represents pleasure, creativity and spiritual awareness. The back of the Shakti mat shows a beautiful power symbol, Shree Yantra. Within the Yoga tradition this is the most complete geometric shape. It is 70 times more powerful than the shape of a pyramid. Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated and a deep state of meditation can be achieved. According to Vastu - the source of Feng Shui - the Shee Yantra is the best tool for creating balance in the home. Hang the Shree Yantra symbol on the northeast side of the house for the strongest result. It will increase prosperity, create harmony and protect against accidents.

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