Healing sticks

Healing sticks "MYSTICAL WANDS" made of Resin in set of 8.

Mouth mask

Mouth mask "MEDITATION LOTUS" made of tightly woven fabric. Protect yourself and others.

Face mask 7 CHAKRA'S WHITE made of tightly woven fabric. Protect yourself and others.

Completely handmade mouth mask of fabric that fits well. Protects you and others from the spread of airborne viruses.
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Face mask 7 CHAKRA'S WHITE made of tightly woven fabric. Protect yourself and others. is available to buy in increments of 1

A mouth mask (Netherlands) or mouth mask (Belgium) is a textile mouth-nose mask that functions as a splash or air filter. The material can be a non-woven textile of cellulose or synthetic fiber or a cotton dust cloth. The mouth mask can be single use or can be cleaned. In case of scarcity, mouth masks intended for single use are sometimes used several times, with or without intermediate cleaning, if possible. Mouth masks come in different qualities and types depending on the purpose and comfort. In healthcare and industry, certified types are mandatory for certain actions. There are standards for surgical mouth masks and respiratory protection masks such as the European FFP and American N95 standard. A distinction is made between "healthcare masks" and "non-medical masks" (also called "civilian masks"). The latter are prescribed for citizens to help contain the corona pandemic, for example the mandatory mouth masks in public transport in the Netherlands from 1 June 2020. Mouth masks were used on a large scale by the population during the Spanish flu in 1918. The first recommendations were made at the end of the 19th century. to use them as protection. In an 1878 scientific paper, New York scientist A.J. Jessup to use cotton face masks in epidemics, but was not put into practice at the time. The use of facial covering was consistent with the scientific state of the time. In the past, plague masters worked with bird masks during plague epidemics.

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