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30th november grape Agate from Indonesia, furthermore received silver jewellery with Seraphinite, Larimar and Charoite, furthermore expected container with Chinese stones, and nice polished smoothstones. Order by webshop, or visit us.

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Kiwi jasper (+ Amazonite Tourmaline Crystal) Heart XL.

Kiwi jasper (+ Amazonite Tourmaline Crystal) Heart XL.


Kiwi jasper (+ Amazonite Tourmaline Crystal) Heart XL.


Hand cut thick and big heart.

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Kiwi Jasper: and "Sesame Jasper" interchangeable trade for a black speckled stone often mixed with translucent crystalline formations. To avoid confusion, we use the term "Kiwi Jasper" to refer to the light green variety of this stone while "Sesame Jasper" better describes the white or lighter colored form of this mineral. Like all Jaspers, is a nourishing sesame jasper stone. It nourishes and sustains us in times of stress, and brings peace and wholeness. Used in healing, it unites all aspects of your life. Jasper brings the chakras in line and absorbs negative energy. The name Jasper is derived from the Greek word Iaspis, meaning "spotted stone". Sesame Jasper and Jasper Kiwi names are used to describe this beautiful Jasper. This variety of Jasper is a mint green color with spots of black, reminiscent of dots. Kiwi / Sesame Jasper is a pale sea foam green color with black spots and clear crystal effect across the stones. It is a conditioning stone, a good stone for practitioners to use. A good stone for people in counseling or therapy, to overcome addictions or compulsive behavior, and gather their strength for the battles from the emotional. It is a powerful stone for those who stand for justice and fair play. Despite its natural color, it is not a soft kind of energy, but incredibly vibrant and stimulating. It increases degenes spirit and elevates mood. This "euphoria" is not the kind where you lose your thought process with, but enhances the natural impulse of love, which brings the shift in attitude, mood and spirit. Which in turn helps to balance the art of giving and receiving.