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Also expected: Sage / Sweetgrass from the U.S.A., Nag Champa from India and pink Amethyst from Patagonia in Argentina. Order in the webshop and with DHL from € 500, - delivered FREE in NL, Belgium, France, UK, Austria & Ireland. Or call for an appointment in Berghem.(Saterday 19th september we are closed)

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Smokey Quartz "Elestial", Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazili.

Smokey Quartz "Elestial", Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazili.


Smokey Quartz "Elestial", Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazili.


op Crystal! Very rare, and affects globally unique in color and crystallization.


90 x 30mm


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Elestial is thé New Age Crystal par excellence, often feel the so-called "Light workers" increasingly drawn to these crystals. Elestials his meesterhealers and can be regarded as the kings and queens of the crystal globe. Because this type often crystal layers also shows that grow over one another, it is known as skeletal quartz or krokodillekwarts (because of its similarity to the geometric patterns on the skin of a crocodile). This crystal can be "read" by navigating to it with the finger tips on the layers. Contains very old knowledge and deep wisdom, the energy of this crystal operates at many levels simultaneously, and is able to expose dark buried thoughts and old pains. Caution therefore! Purchase no elestial when you are not willing to see your own repressions / shadow sides face! A elestial helps solve emotional problems, removes blockages and fears and provide balance. Works strong on the pineal gland. At the physical level the elestial is purifying. Waste products are removed from the bodies and brought into the blood circulation. It is important here to drink lots of water so that the released toxins can be discharged.

Elestial Quartz.

Smoky quartz is a quartz variety. The smoke color is brown to almost black, translucent. Very dark variants are called morion. Smoky Quartz is most common in cavities in intrusiegesteenten and high-grade metamorphic rocks. In sedimentary rocks and extrusive is smoky quartz rare. Sites in include the Alps, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and US The color of smoky quartz is caused by aluminum in the crystal lattice, in combination with ionizing radiation. The aluminum to replace the silicon in the crystal structure in which the complex [AlO4-] is formed in lieu of [SiO4]. For example, the resulting charge difference to compensate for times there is the growth of the crystal at the same time small monovalent cation of hydrogen, lithium or sodium incorporated into the crystal structure. Under the influence of ionizing radiation, the electron moves from the [AlO4 -] - are complex to a cation, and creates a color center. This process occurs normally only below 50 ° C. At higher temperatures, the decomposition of the color centers place more rapidly than the production thereof. The source of the ionizing radiation is usually potassium-40, the surrounding rock. So the color of smoky quartz occurs long after the crystals are formed and can take several million years, this is also the reason most cairngorms in veldspaatrijke rocks such as granite genesis. When heated above 200 ° C will smoky quartz lose its color. Irradiating clear quartz (rock crystal) with X-rays or gamma radiation produces almost always in smoky quartz. The method is then also used to make of colorless quartz smoky quartz. In ancient times this stone warned the soldiers in battle as he darkly colored. Smoky Quartz is still used for rosaries and crucifixes now. Some medicinal effects is awarded to smoky quartz; it would help prevent digestive problems, stress, grief and help a child. According to various literature belongs to the mineral in the constellation Libra.

Gemstone therapy Smokey Quartz (Dutch)


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