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37 kilos of silver jewelery from Jaipur in India, 17 new tumbled stones from South Africa, Blue Aragonite angels from Argentina, 11 new flat stones, 4300 kg Calcites from Mexico, Pink Calcite in boxes, Rainbow Obsidian hearts, spheres etc. 5 Cargoes arrived with a lot news! We expect containers from Morocco & Brazil next week. The webshop is open and our wholesaler remains open BY APPOINTMENT! What is unfortunately not a nice development are the freight rates that are actually up to 5 times higher than normal! 

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set of 6 genuine mineral glass bottles with genuine gemstones.


set of 6 genuine mineral glass bottles with genuine gemstones.


set of 6 genuine mineral glass bottles with genuine gemstones.


Assorted mineral glass bottle with stainless steel cap to see, among other things, Rock crystal, Amethyst, Fluorite, Rose quartz, Smoky quartz etc. Beautiful sturdy bottle in a nice size.



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Creating Gemstone elixirs is very easy and exciting. However, it is extremely important for you to choose the right crystals. There is a big difference by using the gems on the skin or in a room than to use them as an elixir. Because they are taken, you will be exposed to its effects for as long as it lasts until they disappear from your system. Exactly the same way you would be affected when you use other medicines orally. The control of the toxicity of a crystal is therefore of vital importance.

If in doubt about making or taking an elixir:
Choose a crystal that is non-toxic.
| Use a crystal from the quartz family.

Use Gemstone Elixers because they work:
Creating Gemstone Elixirs and using these highly versatile healing tools in your healing routine adds a very exciting and effective dimension to your healing abilities, and your crystal healing skills will be significantly expanded. Here are some ideas for how to use them:
Oral use - take at least three drops twice a day - more if necessary.D
rop under your tongue - use 1 drop under your tongue at most 3 times a day.Ru
b your wrist on the inside with the elixirs where your veins are on the surface.
Rub your chakra points in and then choose a gem that works on the relevant chakra.
Spray gemstone elixir in your aura.
Use gemstone elixir in your bath water, you can also add some gems directly to the water.
Spray around in a room like a cream spray.
Fill your pipette or spray bottle with the mother essence as required. Keep the supply bottle in a cool, dark place.

Be careful!
When making Gemstone elixirs, only use sufficiently hard, water-insoluble, non-toxic stones. Members of the quartz family are ideal. If in doubt about whether a stone belongs to the quartz family, check the description for the stone in question.

Never use:
Realgar, Orpiment because that is arsenic, Stibnite, Galena, Copper which also contains Azurite and Malachite or other compounds of Mercury, Arsenic or Lead and Cinnabar as the mercury. A more complete list can be found on e.g. or in this book. Where applicable, the (alleged) toxicity is always stated.

Dilute or not dilute?
Don't forget to check for toxicity before deciding to make gem elixirs by the direct method. In case of doubt, use the Double Container Method. All Gemstone Elixers can be used undiluted or diluted. The term "dilute" can be somewhat confusing because adding water to the mother's essence or stock will not diminish the quality or effectiveness of the elixir, trust your intuition and do what you feel is right for you. Whether you use the diluted or undiluted elixirs is your choice. Some people feel that it is best to use the undiluted elixir in the first month after preparation and that the elixir can then be diluted. Our advice is to use your intuition and decide for yourself.