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New: Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) Call and come by, or order via the website. (SATERDAY 15TH AUGUST WILL BE CLOSED)

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Sensus Magnus "Magic Finger" The one and only original. WITH 50% DISCOUNT

Sensus Magnus "Magic Finger" The one and only original. WITH 50% DISCOUNT


Sensus Magnus "Magic Finger" The one and only original. WITH 50% DISCOUNT


Nice massage device with genuine onyx from Brazil in luxury gift box.

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The original Sensus Magnus ® Magic Finger is a wellness tool which you can relax and enjoy a restful, precise energy massage without help

Does this sound familiar? It hurts, pushing, pulling or itching at one point of the body that you can not reach or only slightly with your hands can reach. The original Sensus Magnus ® -Magic finger, there is finally a health tool which you can relax and enjoy a restful, precise energy massage without help. Thanks to its ergonomic design and the subtle pressure - stable construction of the Magic Finger is the use very pleasant and useful without effort, you have a massage help with almost magical results. The high quality massager with wooden handle and hand polished, refined shaped basalt stone head belongs to the special perceptible utensils. You want in everyday life can not do without if you have used it ..

Meridians and stimulation (background info) Especially in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as well as in other Asian cultures, it is estimated that thousands of years we know the forces of acupressure. called meridians, ie channels where vital energy "qi" flows play a central role. The soft stimulation of the pressure points has a positive effect on the body and well-being. The practical success of such therapies can you now own experience.

Onyx is a mineral and a variety of quartz, more specified a variant of chalcedony. Onyx, two tone nesosilicaten, with colors as layers or bands are intertwined. Onyx is akin to agate, a four-colored quartz version. There are various types of onyx, wherein the base name onyx is normally used to denote a mineral with white and black layers. We also know the sardonyx with white and red-brown (the color is called sard) layers and carnelian or carneoolonyx (fire red and white layers). Onyx is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Uruguay, the United States and Pakistan. In ancient times Carnelian mined in North Africa as an ornamental stone. During the imperial period were onyx used mainly for the manufacture of gemstones; in the western provinces were regularly found rings with such stones. In the late Roman period we karneolparels also found in the eastern provinces. Above the Alps karneolen came only a few times, as in Pfyn and Switzerland. References to the onyx come in several places in the Old Testament of the Bible, the first in Genesis 2, verse 12. According to Rabbi Bahya ben Asher, the word "shoham" in Exodus 28:20 onyx. According to him, also onyx stone on the Ephod which stood for the tribe of Joseph. In addition, also the shoulders of the ephod provided with two of such "Shoham" -stenen. Onyx has an esoteric history that is almost as long as its secular history. In the Middle Ages, the onyx was seen as "evil stone", a symbol of mourning and misery. Other sources tell that it was also a healing stone, with a positive effect on the skin, the hair and the nails. Within the zodiac onyx associated with Capricorn and Saturn. Onyx could also exert a beneficial effect against nausea, sensitivity to weather and gastrointestinal complaints.