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Beautiful Agates, Pink Amethyst and Uruguay Amethyst on black stands from 29, -! Look further to our great spring offers and novelties! Order via the webshop or drop by by appointment, the coffee is ready. PS We do not expect Selenite Moons and engravings for another 8 working days!

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Selenite coaster round (energy coaster) with "Flower of Life" engraving (size 100-120mm)


Selenite coaster round (energy coaster) with "Flower of Life" engraving (size 100-120mm)


Selenite coaster round (energy coaster) with "Flower of Life" engraving (size 100-120mm)


Gemstone coasters are HOT! In Agate, Fluorite, Calcite but also Selenite (with beautiful symbolism engravings) not only as an interior decorator, but also the "coasters" are used to charge stones or your drink.



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Selenite, the stone with angelic vibrations is becoming increasingly rare. Our fantastic Selenite products from Morocco are of a great beauty and are appreciated by many. Still, our Selenite is not expensive, especially when compared to the quality. The name selenite is given to larger translucent gypsum crystals (CaSO4 2 H2O). Selenite is formed, among other things, by oxidation of calcareous clay deposits. Pyrite occurs in these deposits. The weathering (oxidation) of pyrite releases sulfate ions (SO42-). Due to the oxidation, the clay will acidify, causing the lime to dissolve (lime dissolves in acidic environments). This releases Ca2 + ions (calcium), which then react with the sulphates to form gypsum. Selenite is sometimes confused with rock crystal (SiO2) because they are very similar in appearance. However, they are easy to distinguish because the surface of Selenite can be scratched with the nail. This is not possible with rock crystal because that mineral is much harder. The name Selenite comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. Location: United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, England. Color: pure white, orange, blue, brown, green. Selenite is a new time stone that has come to help people ground angel energy in personality. The selenite has the quality to show your power of universal love and gives a wonderful sense of unity. Ensures that you experience peace and only want the good. A cloud of angel energy and angel vibrations. Selenite has a particularly soft appearance that has a calming effect. A good aura healer: removes negative energy from the aura. Selenite is also very good for purifying a space, it is enlightening, provides insight and awareness. Selenite stimulates clairvoyant, telepathic and empathic abilities, provides insights and contact with your guides. Selenite creates a peaceful space, stops bad influences. Spiritually, it clears up confusion, provides clear insights and it helps to perceive underlying images. Provides conscious insight into what is happening at the subconscious level. Selenite protects against epileptic seizures and neutralizes mercury poisoning from amalgam. It is an excellent crystal for breastfeeding and child feeding.