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Beautiful Agates, Pink Amethyst and Uruguay Amethyst on black stands from 29, -! Look further to our great spring offers and novelties! Order via the webshop or drop by by appointment, the coffee is ready. PS We do not expect Selenite Moons and engravings for another 8 working days!

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Schip "confection" three-master from the 18th century

Schip "confection" three-master from the 18th century


Schip "confection" three-master from the 18th century


Beautiful wooden ship richly detailed, and very decorative. Delivered in a nice protective case


440 x 480 x 80mm

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With a three-master is meant a generally square rigged sailing ship has three masts. One sees them nowadays mainly as a charter for day trips and holidays. Also, many of the tall ships, as they can be seen for example in the event Sail, actually three masters. Often these sailing vessels equipped with an impressive rigging. The are all relics of the sailing vessels that are now cherished as museum pieces.

A scale is a duplicate of an object or landscape in most reduced form, the ratios remain much the same as in reality. To do this, a model is used a scale which determines the size of the parts and the whole of the model. Common examples are reduced, but little things can be magnified display correctly. These models are used for research. For example, ships often models of the hull built to be tested in a hydrodynamic laboratory. When urban renewal and the construction of new residential areas are often scale models made to look to see how it comes out and present it to the public. In science, scale models used to make something visually. Think, of extremely enlarged to reduced greatly, models of an atom, partial DNA molecule, a virus, the solar system. Also certain historical buildings, cities or vehicles vessels and aircraft scale models are built to have a better idea of ​​what they really looked like. Scale also fulfill a tourist function. In Madurodam, many Dutch buildings recreated to scale. Legoland one uses scale models that are built from Lego bricks. The Atomium in Brussels is a greatly enlarged iron atom. Also in the television and film industries scale play a role. Spaceships in SF films can only scale "space travel". All are now widely used computers to create virtual models.