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Business holiday 2020: 13-26th july!  Ordering via the webshop is possible and will  be sent on the 28th!

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"Talent-fareast" theelichtenset (worden assorti geleverd)


"Talent-fareast" theelichtenset (worden assorti geleverd)


"Talent-fareast" theelichtenset (worden assorti geleverd)


Talent is one of the largest scented candles manufacturers in the world. Technically they do not look beautiful, but the smell is very good. Differently the price quality ratio is TOP!

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Fantastic tea lights with a delicious scent of vanilla, blueberries, tropical fruits and flowers, jasmine and French lavender. The basis is a delicious essential oil. Volatile or aromatic oil is a mixture of volatile, aromatic molecules extracted from plant material that is characteristic of the smell of the plant from which they are extracted. Although such mixtures are called "oils", essential oils contain no fat. They are liquid at room temperature, but quickly evaporate on heating and ignite easily.

They are extracted from different parts of a plant, for example the blossom, the fruit, the seed, the leaves, the skin, the bark or the wood (from trunk, branches or roots). Usually, a plant contains no more than 1% essential oil, but in the case of nutmeg and clove it is more than 10% essential oil. Sometimes different parts of a plant contain different volatile oils.

Only a small proportion (about 10%) of the plant kingdom is able to produce these aromatic components. Essential oil is mainly produced from members of the following plant families: prairie family (Apiaceae), composites family (Asteraceae), Burseraceae, cypress family (Cupressaceae), lip-flower family (Lamiaceae), myrtle family (Myrtaceae) and winery family (Rutaceae). The main ingredients of essential oils are monoterpenes and cyclic hydrocarbons, as well as their alcoholic, aldehyde or ester derivatives.

Some types of volatile oil are quite expensive, because sometimes many plants are needed to produce a small amount of oil. A cheap oil is, for example, orange oil, because the peelings of oranges are a waste product of the juice industry. Expensive is, for example, rose oil, because a lot of specially grown roses are needed to produce volatile oil. Perfume oil is cheaper, but is also less strong. Perfume oils are chemically formulated and are intended to artificially imitate an odor.