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New this week; Sage from USA, saltlamps from Pakistan and dreamcatchers from Indonesia. Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. 

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SALE 2020: Nephrite Maori strength symbols 50% OFF

SALE 2020: Nephrite Maori strength symbols 50% OFF


SALE 2020: Nephrite Maori strength symbols 50% OFF


Power symbols of the Maori made in the finest nephrite (jade variety) which is found worldwide. Nice sharp engravings.

More information

Nephrite is a mineral with a dense felted actinolite. It has the chemical composition Ca2 (Mg, Fe) 5 [(OH, F) (Si4O11)] 2. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek word nephros - kidney. Nephrite has been traditionally known, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. Because of its toughness is nephrite suitable for the manufacture of tools. Later they made ornaments from there. In Babylon was nephrite particularly appreciated because they have magical powers ascribed. In China nephrite great mythological significance and used it in religious ceremonies. Even before the arrival of Columbus was in Central America very popular. According to the Sumerians was nephrite able to solve the unexpected circumstances. They claimed the kidney disease and renal colic can remedy. Nephrite is naturally more common than jadeite. Sometimes it forms large blocks. In Russia stones have been found more than five tons. In Burma's even a nefrietblok found 30 tons. Historical important deposits are located in China, around Khotan in Xinjiang province, in the Kunlun Mountains and around Kashgar. In Taiwan and Jordan come cat nefrieten for. In the United States nephrite is found in Brazil, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska. In New Zealand are major deposits known. The Maori nephrite already won before the arrival of Europeans and well in Arakuara and the Wakapitu Lake. These stones are translucent and are considered the most beautiful nefrieten world Smaller occurrences have been demonstrated in Australia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland.