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Finally……. 4 containers in 1 week! Morocco container with 16 new laser engravings & “charging” coasters! Furthermore, 55 HEM varieties that we have not had since August 2020, and on Monday April 26, we hope to have 17 new salt products in our bag and new salt lamps. We also expect a container from Brazil with Amethyst, Agate and many new tea light holders on Wednesday. CALL AND VISIT US, OR ORDER THROUGH THE WEBSITE!

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Sale 2020: 15 large bottels(221/275ml) in mixed Aquas de Florida.

Sale 2020: 15 large bottels(221/275ml) in mixed Aquas de Florida.


Sale 2020: 15 large bottels(221/275ml) in mixed Aquas de Florida.


Original Aqua (Agua) the Florida of Murray & Lanman on the basis of alcohol. Suitable for purification and other occult rituals as customary in Peru.


30 x 221/275 ML

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Invented by New Yorker Robert I. Murray in 1808. Floria Water became known as a universal Cologne for both men and women. Later recorded by the barbershops and used as a Cologne and After Shave. Now widely used before and after shaving as a refreshing tonic. Florida Water Cologne is also widely used by baseball players in the south of the USA. The Cologne is added to an ice water bath, with towels this is applied to the skin to cool and refresh during hot days. Apart from that, Florida water in all its variants such as: Palo Santo, Patchouli, Kanaga, Rosas, Sandal and Original Flowry water was picked up soon after its emergence by emigrants in the U.S. from Peru, Haiti and other Latin American countries. Ideally, it is used here for cleaning purposes such as cleaning a room or a place where rituals are performed. Important for all types is that the base consists of alcohol, those on water are not suitable for cleaning. Still today, Shamans use the products of Murray & Lanman in many countries. But even now it is the US. in many bathrooms such as Au de Cologne and After Shave. The applications are really huge, but above all smell smells fantastic authentic.

FLORIDA WATER / Agua de FLORIDA 270 ML. The only true original Florida water based on alcohol from Peru. It is used in all rituals in shamanism and other occult and ritual applications. The smell is deep, soft, mysterious and magical. but do not take care of the skin and eyes.

The original AGUA DE FLORIDA is made in Lima Peru. There is also a cheaper variant based on eau de Cologne. This cheaper variant has a different composition and smells significantly different and also the cleaning is less strong and not as thorough as the original AGUA DE FLORIDA. Most shamans use the original AGUA DE FLORIDA for their cleansing and ceremonies. In Peru, the brand Murray & Lanman is the most selling Agua de Florida.