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Maritime symbol pendant (Ichtus) in gemstone and made with silver hanging eye.


Maritime symbol pendant (Ichtus) in gemstone and made with silver hanging eye.


Maritime symbol pendant (Ichtus) in gemstone and made with silver hanging eye.


Not only maritime symbol but also religious symbol that stands for Ichtus (Christian faith). Beautiful hand cut gems and very nice finish.


More information

Ichthus (Ancient Greek: ἰχθύς - "fish") is originally an ancient Greek word that has been given a symbolic value in Christianity. In the letters of this word the early Christians saw the core of the Biblical message, it is an important abbreviation for Christians. The letters of the word have led to various Christian symbols in the course of time. The ichthust sign represents a fish. The fish is related to the baptism in the water, but also with the miraculous fishing. The wagon wheel. Graffiti on a wall at Ephesus. The symbol of a fish that is now known as "the ichthust sign". Influenced by the underground character of early Christianity, a consequence of the Christian persecutions by the Roman state, symbols emerged that could not be recognized as Christian by Christians at first glance. Within the own circle the meaning was known and the symbols were used to find out if someone was (also) a Christian. So the first letters of Jesus Christ, God's Son and Savior form the word ICHTHUS = VIS in Greek. This way the first Christians could use this symbol as a secret sign. In the catacombs in Rome, where the persecuted Christians had a hiding place, this sign has been discovered several times. Nowadays the fish can often be seen on cars and even as a tattoo. One wants to indicate that one is a Christian. Ichthus was the name of the son of the ancient Zeegodin Atargatis, also known as Tirgata, Aphrodite, Derceto, Slacia, Pelagia or Delfine. This name meant both 'womb' and 'dolphin'. They appeared in the form of a mermaid. The word ἰχθύς has in particular led to two symbols: The so-called wagon wheel was formed by writing the Greek (main) letters of the word. The labarum was probably later evolved from this symbol. The fact that the word literally means 'fish' (ie an acronym) has led to the familiar symbol of a (stylized) fish. In the catacombs (cemeteries for, among others, Christians in the Roman Empire), such signs can still be found, especially in Rome.