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19.02 Brazil container received with 11 new rough stones (Cheetah, Bronzite, Hematite, Blue Quartz) 20.02 Tucson shipment with 33 new books, fossil whale ossicles, knightia fish and 66 new stone products. 21.02 Madagascar container received with 3 new types of stone. A total of 90 new products, come to Berghem or order in the webshop. (Note: Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February a.s. closed!)

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Magnetite aura ring from Rockshop with brilliant colors.


Magnetite aura ring from Rockshop with brilliant colors.


Magnetite aura ring from Rockshop with brilliant colors.


Titanium aura (rock crystal with electrolytic titanium applied) is popular as well as Magnetite where Titanium is applied.



More information

The creation of magnetite aura arises from a special process in which the surface of the magnetite is covered with sputtered fine powder of pure gold under high pressure. This results in a beautiful brilliant-like blue color with rainbow effects. This colored mineral is effective in treating especially the throat chakra. Enables communication with your inner truth and expresses your inner emotions. In China, it was already used in the 11th century BC. They used the magnetic properties of magnetite. The term "magnet", as a medieval indication for a magnetic stone, and the magnetite introduced by Wilhelm Haidinger in 1845, originated from the Latin magnet-magnet (with nominal magnes, magnet). Magnetic stones. The combination of Manetite and Gold is a combination that greatly enhances each other and is therefore very good for strengthening the healing properties of each other. 

Explanation of Aqua / titanium / angels Aura stems from a special process, wherein the surface of the crystal become covered with atomized fine powder of pure gold under high pressure. This results in a beautiful brilliant blue color with rainbow-like effects. This colored crystal is effectie in treating especially the throat chakra. Makes communicating with your inner truth possible and let you express inner emotions.

Aqua aura quartz (stone of the universal light) is a protective and healing stone with a strong effect on the aura. Stone not only cleans the aura but also reduces gaps in the energy field (eg caused by trauma, severe mental disorders and addictions). Aqua aura protects against negative energy, negative influences and spiritual or psychic attacks. The stone promotes self-realization by strengthening your inner potential and reduce barriers. Because the aqua aura chakra activates strengthens the communication, expressing feelings and self-expression. Aqua Aura strengthens the immune system and the healing properties of other stones.