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New: Mexico container (Calcites, Fluorite) and further expected: Cactus quartz from Boekenhouthoek / South Africa, Australia container (Mookaite, Tiger iron) Call and come by, or order via the website. (SATERDAY 15TH AUGUST WILL BE CLOSED)

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Rockcrystal quality B groups of 0.5 to 6 kilos from Corinth Brazil (BESTSELLER)

Rockcrystal quality B groups of 0.5 to 6 kilos from Corinth Brazil (BESTSELLER)


Rockcrystal quality B groups of 0.5 to 6 kilos from Corinth Brazil (BESTSELLER)


B stands for not perfect or broken crystals, and also are not 100% pure groups. But stands for commercially attractive and easy to sell stuff. For Rockcrystal perfect in quality A, currently priced € 550, - per kilo.

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Rock crystal is colorless and the most common variant of the mineral quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) The name 'crystal' is derived from the Greek word "Krustallos" meaning ice. It was believed that rock crystal formed by the gods was ice. At the time of the Mesolithic were known rhinestone al. During the Roman era it was from the Alps under the name "petrified ice cream" on the market. Theofratus called it "krystallos". Pliny the Elder also makes mention. The name "quartz" in 1529 imported by Georgius Agricola. The peoples of the East considered rhinestone like stone of patience and perfection. Tibetans use rhinestone for wounds behandelen.De choice of rock crystal as a drinking glass or as part of medieval jewelry can be attributed to the belief that these crystals would crack or discolor when to poison came into contact Thus, the chain was a amuletdat the king protected compare Rudolfinische imperial crown and the chain of Jehovah order Genesis:... Megnatieten, pegmatites, hydrothermal and alpine stone veins, alluvial deposits Appearance:. Rhinestone is spread widely in nature, but not always in gem quality Historically known sites are India and Sri Lanka (near Tatnaputi) Iridescent quartz from the area of Poona in India and out.. Myanmar is a rarity. Beautiful crystal from Kenya and Madagascar, also from Brazil (Minas Gerais), Goisas, Bahia and French Guiana. In the US Rhinestone for in pegmatites, including in Maine (in Ausburn, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas (Crystal Peak) and California. Of particular significance are occurrences in the Alps. Rhinestones are found in Switzerland (eg Urim where a crystal of 135 kg has been found in the area of the St. Gotthard and the Grimsel), in Austria (in 1965 at the Grossglockner found a crystal of nearly 1,000 kg in a cavity). Rhinestones are also found in Germany, the Czech Republic Poland and France in the collections of several museums are unique faceted rhinestones the Smithsonian Institution Washington has a polished stone of 7000 kt and a sphere rock crystal with a diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 48.5 kg.. this is from Burma and was cut in China.


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